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Buying and Selling Restaurants: Our Panel of Experts Will Provide Insight on the Restaurant Deal Climate

Tuesday, September 22 • 1:00 PM Central, 2:00 PM Eastern

Join Restaurant Finance Monitor Publisher John Hamburger and Michael Ingram, Vice President, National Franchise Sales; Brad Cashman, Attorney with Monroe Moxness & Berg; and Dru Garcia-Richardson, Senior Vice President of Manufacturers Bank. John and his panel of dealmakers will discuss trends that have emerged in recent restaurant purchase and sale transactions and will answer the following questions: How can restaurants be sold in the current environment? How are they getting financed? How are they being valued? How are franchisors responding to resales with regard to development commitments or remodels? How are landlords responding to lease assignments and release of liability? How are outstanding PPP and EDRL loans being treated in a sale? If you are contemplating buying or selling your restaurants this year, or next, don't miss this important webinar.


Restaurants in a Post Covid World—The Experts Confront the Conventional Wisdom

Tuesday, August 18 • 1:00 PM Central

Acceptability and predictability, that’s how the economist John Kenneth Galbraith described conventional wisdom. The conventional wisdom predicts that quick serve restaurants and digitally-enabled, off-premise food sales are the long-term winners in the restaurant game. The conventional wisdom also accepts a major contraction in the number of casual, family and fine dining restaurants, especially amongst independents. On August 18, Restaurant Finance Monitor’s John Hamburger and restaurant industry experts Greg Dollarhyde and Malcolm Knapp will confront the conventional wisdom when they meet to the discuss the trends, challenges and investing themes that lie ahead for the restaurant business in a post Covid 19 world. Join us for a one-hour, late-summer conversation about what’s in store for the restaurant business.


What Do the Top Franchisees Have to Say About the Restaurant Business?

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 • 1:00 PM Central

2020 Monitor 200 Ranking Presented

John Hamburger of the Restaurant Finance Monitor presented the 2020 ranking of the 200 largest restaurant franchisees in the United States. He’ll was joined by managing director and group head of Bank of America’s restaurant group, Cristin O’Hara; owner/operator/franchise Tabbassum Mumtaz of Ampex Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers); Anil Yadav of Yadav Enterprises (Jack in the Box, Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Corner Bakery and TGI Friday’s); and Jeff Engler and Lee Engler of Border Foods (Taco Bell). The conversation centered on brand performance during Covid-19, labor issues, access to capital, franchisee consolidation, leverage, real estate and the future of the restaurant business.

Sponsored by OneData Source and Bank of America


Non-Bank Financing, Sale-Leaseback and Main Street Lending—What is the Appetite for Restaurants?

June 23, 2020

While commercial lenders catch their breath after the Covid-19 shutdowns and Paycheck Protection loan activity, certain finance groups are actively looking for restaurant deals. The Monitor’s John Hamburger will explore with his expert panel non-bank sources of capital such as business enterprise lending, equipment financing, real estate sale-leasebacks and options, terms and eligibility of the Main Street Lending Program. Joining John’s panel are Greg Burns, Stonebriar Commercial Finance; Len Baccaro, Ascentium Capital; Marvin DeLaura, Fortis Net Lease and Robert Berdanier of BDO.


Smart Steps: Restaurant Leaders Detail Innovation Tactics

June 18, 2020

Whether it’s with their store-level operations or enhanced franchisee support, restaurant brands have been pushed to get creative as they adapt to a multitude of changes to their business. What worked, what didn’t work, and what’s going to stick as restaurants interact with their workers and consumers in a new normal? Learn from leading executives Kat Cole, president of Focus Brands, Frances Allen, CEO of Checkers & Rally’s, and Charlie Guzzetta, CDO of Burger Fi, as they navigate this still-uncertain restaurant landscape. This panel was moderated by Laura Michaels, editor, Franchise Times.


What Will the Restaurant Industry Look Like a Year From Now? 

June 11, 2020

Restaurant Finance Monitor’s John Hamburger poses the question that’s on the mind of every restaurant operator, lender, landlord and supplier: What will the restaurant industry look like a year from now assuming the Covid-19 pandemic has been suppressed? Boston Consulting Group consultant, Allan Hickok; BMO Harris banker, Michael Eagen; Piper Sandler investment banker, Damon Chandik and Unbridled Capital Founder, Rick Ormsby joined in on a wide-ranging discussion about the virus’s impact on restaurant finance, unit-level economics and the future of the restaurant industry. 


What Does Franchise Finance Look Like After the Dust Settles?

May 21, 2020

The Covid-19 meteor that hit the restaurant industry in March has impacted almost every establishment in the country in one way or another. While the media attention has been all about the restaurant Armageddon, pizza delivery, QSR with high-functioning drive-thrus, and efficient to-go and delivery operations have shown tremendous resiliency. What does all of this disruption mean for the availability of franchise financing, the ability to do an M&A deal, sell and lease back real estate, or complete a franchise transaction? Restaurant Finance Monitor's John Hamburger served up timely franchise finance questions to veteran restaurant financial experts: Carty Davis, C Squared Advisors; and Glen Kunofsky, STNL Advisors & NNN Pro and Thomas Hung; First Horizon Restaurant Finance.


Rethinking, Re-Imagining, & Reopening Your Restaurant

May 27, 2020

An insightful discussion on rethinking, re-Imagining, and reopening your restaurant. The panel talked about what’s been working for restaurants already opened and what’s in store for the future. They covered kitchen operations, technology, guest flow, and more. The panel covered critical information for getting your restaurant opened up and ready for a ’new normal’.

Panelists included:
Fred LeFranc, CEO, Results thru Strategy
Zach Kuperman, SVP, National Restaurant Practice Leader, HUB International 
Chris Simms, Founder & CEO, Lazy Dog Restaurants 
Jim Balis, Managing Director, CapitalSprings
John Hamburger, President, Restaurant Finance Monitor

Sponsored by Results thru Strategy, HUB International.


Restructuring and Bankruptcy Considerations for Covid-19 Impacted Restaurant Businesses

May 14, 2020

The coronavirus and mandatory shutdowns have impacted many restaurant businesses that might never have considered restructuring or bankruptcy. Restaurant Finance Monitor’s John Hamburger interviewed experts Barak Tulin, Partner, CR3 Partners; Navin Nagrani, Executive Vice President, Hilco Global;  Cindy McLoughlin, CPA, Managing Partner, CohnReznick; and John Lyons, Attorney and Partner, DLA Piper. The panel discussed liquidity and reopening issues, dealing with creditors and landlords, out-of-court restructuring and the advantages and disadvantages of filing a Chapter 11. Investors might even find opportunities amidst the chaos in the market. 

Sponsored by CohnReznick, CR3 Partners and Hilco Global


Restaurant Finance Monitor Roundtable: Our Experts Will Answer Your Restaurant Real Estate Questions

May 7, 2020

The Covid-19 crisis has thrown the entire restaurant real estate world into a tailspin as restaurants have closed, or reduced capacity, and tenants and landlords negotiate on deferrals or abatements. Now that we have been through an initial wave of landlord-tenant renegotiations, this webinar reviewed some of the trends that have emerged. In addition, the panel looked at the appetite for restaurant sale-leaseback financing and where there may be some opportunities in the future.

Panelists included:
John Hamburger, Restaurant Finance Monitor
Rob Solls, Director of Retail Investments & Acquisitions, Mohr Capital
Josh Lewis, VP of Acquisitions, National Retail Properties
Sponsored by Mohr Capital and National Retail Properties


Restaurants: How Do We Redesign Our Future?

April 29, 2020

Three top restaurant CEOs joined Restaurant Finance Monitor’s John Hamburger to discuss how they are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic through sheer energy, motivation and new initiatives for employee and customer safety. 

Panelists included:
Peter Cancro, Founder and CEO, Jersey Mike’s
Joe Koss, CEO, Culver’s
Chris Newcomb, CEO, Newk’s Eatery

Sponsored by Revenue Management Systems and EZ Cert Mgmt


Immediate Cash Flow and Refund Opportunities from the Government Stimulus Programs and Tax Changes

April 24, 2020

Restaurant Finance Monitor’s John Hamburger and panel members Matt Talcoff, RSM Partner and National Tax Industry Leader, and Mike Rozman, CEO of Boefly, review the entire spectrum of liquidity measures from the CAREs Act and other government tax and stimulus programs that can provide immediate relief to your restaurant. The panel discussed the latest developments in the Paycheck Protection Program, Main Street Lending Program and Emergency Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program. In addition, they highlighted important tax provisions that can provide immediate cash flow and refund opportunities to you and your business.

Sponsored by RSM


Restaurant Real Estate: Operator Tactics Today and Opportunities in the Future

April 21, 2020

The financial upheaval caused by the Covid-19 restaurant shutdowns is testing relationships between landlords and restaurant operators. A panel of experienced restaurant real estate professionals talk about economic conditions on the ground and to provide insight into the future of restaurant real estate. John Hamburger of the Restaurant Finance Monitor moderated a panel of experienced real estate professionals including Joe McKeska and Jeff Hoffmann from A&G Real Estate (https://www.agrep.com); Robert Elmer from PropertyWorks (http://www.propertyworks.com); and David Ahn from CRE Companies (https://www.crecompanies.com).  

Sponsored by A&G Real Estate, ProperyWorks and CRE Companies


Beyond Covid-19: A Look Ahead for the Restaurant Industry

April 15, 2020

We know restaurants are shut down temporarily or are operating at drastically reduced capacity. What does this mean for the outlook for financing, M&A and franchising down the road? Join Restaurant Finance Monitor’s President John Hamburger interviewed three veteran restaurant finance experts: Chris Kelleher of Auspex Capital; Bill Wildman of Pinnacle Commercial Capital; and Dennis Monroe of Monroe Moxness Berg and they discussed what to expect when we all come out the other side. Panel members will also answered attendee questions at the end of the session.

Sponsored by the Restaurant Finance Monitor