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About the Monitor 

For over thirty years, the Restaurant Finance Monitor has kept readers informed of the financial and investment trends impacting the restaurant industry. The Monitor is professionally-written, an inside-the-ropes expert of the business side of the restaurant business. It delivers vital insight and analysis to restaurant owners and operators, financial officers, investors, lenders, brokers, landlords, accountants, lawyers and suppliers nationwide through its newsletter and conferences. 

John Hamburger,  Founder

Our founder, John Hamburger, has been covering the restaurant business for over 30 years. As a former chief financial officer of a publicly-held restaurant company, he thoroughly understands restaurants and connects the dots between finance and operations. No one in the industry has the depth of experience or can provide the historical context to the financial side of restaurants than John can. John also publishes Franchise Times Magazine, Food On Demand News and is the founder of the highly-successful Restaurant Finance & Development Conference.