Executive Team Out at Sizzler USA

Sizzler USA is undergoing a significant management shift. CEO Kerry Kramp is among five executives who exited the iconic West Coast brand early last week. It’s unclear whether they quit or were forced out.

Declared industry veteran Lane Cardwell: "Kind of a Game of Thrones week for them. Kerry was doing a great job there."

The Mission Viejo, Calif.-based chain released a statement yesterday that appeared to suggest otherwise. "After 11 years as CEO of Sizzler USA Kerry Kramp has left the company to pursue other business endeavors. We have used this time to reorganize our support center so that we can better serve our franchisees," it drily noted.

Kramp, who joined the 58-year-old chain as chief executive in 2008, declined in a text message to the Monitor to share details of his departure. But outside sources cited tumbling sales and guest counts as reasons for the wholesale changes in senior management.

The other departing executives include Dennis Scott, Chief Strategic Officer; Khaled Bagul, Vice President, Risk Management, Leadership Development, People Support & Culture; Steve McDermott, Senior Vice President, Finance & Analysis and Tamra Scroggins, Director Food Culture/Corporate Chef.

Sizzler USA franchisees Gary and Sally Meyers of BMW Management in Temecula also declined to comment on the moves by the company. Franchisees are holding their annual meeting this week.

"We have never been more excited about the prospects of our unique business model," said Sizzler Chairman Kevin Perkins in a prepared statement.

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