October 2016

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Two Interesting Features of Shake Shack’s Mobile Ordering Test

On Monday, Shake Shack launched mobile ordering. The single-store test features two novel ideas of which the industry should take note.


Service or Convenience? New Survey Says Both

It’s a common conversation in the restaurant industry: Does the consumer want great service or great convenience? According to a new survey from POS provider Toast, they want both.


What Happened at Cosi?

From a high stock price of $43 in 2006 to bankrupt and delisted, Cosi is a tough lesson in high rents and disorganized management for fast-casual restaurants.


Striking While the Tortilla Warmer Is Hot

Mendocino Farms co-founders Mario Del Pero and wife Ellen Chen invested an undisclosed sum in Dos Toros, a 11-unit New York City-based taqueria chain.


Starbird Deal Attracts Advice (and Capital) From Greg Dollarhyde

The Culinary Edge Ventures recently raised $5 million in two rounds of funding to launch chicken-centric Starbird.