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The Monitor's library of white papers will make you more knowledgeable on a number of subjects near and dear to your net worth. Written by experts in their field, these detailed reports provide the latest thinking on everything from financing, valuation and selling your restaurant business.


Learn how more than 200 leading restaurant brands are using guest data to respond to
challenges like increased competition, declining guest loyalty, and measuring marketing effectiveness.

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RSM Lockton White Paper

The consumer landscape is constantly evolving and competition within the
restaurant space continues to intensify as legacy brands fight for market share.
The blueprint for pivoting these organizations towards the future 

Franchisors may be in for major changes in the
way they recognize franchise revenues in the future. 
For years, relevant U.S. Generally Accepted 
Accounting Principles (GAAP)
had been subject to significant interpretation… 

A great menu board can make or break your business which is why so
many restaurants have made the switch
from static to dynamic digital boards…

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Mandated store remodels are a sensitive topic for both franchisors and franchisees.
The big question is “how to pay for the big ticket modernization of these stores?”
The budget for these remodels vary widely depending on the concept and the site’s needs.  

Millennials have officially become the largest
age group in today’s U.S. workforce.  Find out
how re
staurant owners can engage and retain employees from this up-and-coming generation.

There's no question that restaurant and food
service companies face bottom line pressure
today from both significant market and regulatory obstacles. However, wage inflation...


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Restaurant operators don’t have to look far to see the fallout from cyber security breaches. 
There is a growing list of companies that have been hit hard by hacking schemes…

The restaurant industry has become increasingly competitive. Profit margins have been squeezed, while
capital expenditure requirements have increased. The margin for error is tighter than ever.

With gas prices at a five-year low, consumers are winning at the pump.
How they are using that savings varies, but consumers are treating themselves to more restaurant meals.