August 2017

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Bridg gets $11 Million in Series B Funding

Bridg, a one-to-one marketing firm that gleans data from credit card transactions is set to grow further with a new round of funding.


Inside an Open-Book Accounting Huddle at Miss Kim's

“What is your spirit vegetable” isn’t a question that kicks off many financial meetings. But at Miss Kim’s, the newest addition to the Zingermann’s family of restaurants in Ann Arbor, examining the P&L is no dull or secret affair.


First Watch, Advent Pursue ‘Thoughtful Growth’ After Acquisition

One of the largest global private equity firms now has a majority stake in First Watch.


When Is Shake Shack Open? Ask the Bot

Shake Shack is tapping into a chatbot to solve the pesky problem of digital customer service.


Bobby Flay and Now Fatburger: Did BANQ Crack the Mini-IPO Code?

The news of Bobby Flay’s Bobby’s Burger Palace looking to go public and now FAT Brands close on its heels are intriguing developments for the restaurant finance world, but they might not have been possible without one man’s efforts.